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Are you getting ready to give your home’s bathrooms or kitchen an overhaul? Finding the right kitchen or bathroom renovation firm is critical. Bathroom and kitchen renovations are also amongst our areas of specialty here at Rudis Enterprises. So in today’s article from our team of Scranton general contractors,  we’ll examine how to prepare for your kitchen and bath renovation project.

How Do I Prep for a Kitchen or Bathroom Renovation?

The right preparation is important to ensure that your project moves smoothly. Any time you are performing work on an occupied home, there is some degree of inconvenience, but there are many things you can do to minimize any inconvenience or hassle that results.

Consider these tips:

Prepare meals for the timeframe of the project. During a kitchen renovation, actually using the kitchen can be a real challenge, if not impossible. So save yourself the trouble and prepare some meals that you can pop into the freezer for the timeframe of your kitchen renovation project. Also, you may want to consider getting some paper plates and plastic cups and utensils so you won’t need to worry about doing dishes while your kitchen is in a disarray.

Use plastic sheeting to close off the bathroom or kitchen area. Dust is a fact of life when it comes to renovations and remodeling projects. This dust can travel throughout your home, so it’s always wise to put up a plastic sheet to section off the work area to contain the dust. The most affordable and practical type of plastic sheet is a plastic drop cloth, typically used for painting. Also remember to close off any HVAC intakes in the work area, as this could pull dust into the rest of your home.

Remove products, small appliances and food from the work area. Make it a point to clear out the work area, removing all small appliances, toiletry products, food and other items. They may be contaminated or damaged during the renovation project.

Make alternate bathroom plans. If you’re renovating your bathroom, you’ll need to make alternate bathroom arrangements for showering and going to the bathroom during the project. This may entail using a different bathroom in your home or making arrangements to use a neighbor’s restrooms.

Keep the kids and pets away from the work area. Young children and pets can easily get under foot or slip outdoors while workers are at your home. There are also lots of inherent dangers at a work site, so it’s wise to set up a few baby gates to ensure that pets and young children are confined well away from the work area.

Trust Your Construction Project to a Top Scranton Contractor

If you’re planning to build a new home or want to perform major home improvements, such as a remodeling project or a renovation, now is the time to take action! The winter can pose some challenges when it comes to certain elements of a home improvement project or build, so there are a number of tasks that should be performed in the fall, before the freezing temperatures arrive. So if you’re considering a project, contact the experts at Rudis Enterprises!

At Rudis Enterprises, we offer a full range of Scranton building and home improvement services, including bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, landscaping and eco-friendly home improvement services, designed to improve home value and boost energy efficiency. We also handle urgent repairs, such as broken windows, damage from fallen trees, and beyond. We serve Scranton and the surrounding region of Pennsylvania.

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